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About Us

💛Yellow Muse is a brand built on Inspiration and Style. We INSPIRE through STYLE. Look good, feel good clothing for the ladies with a versatile style. A woman that enjoys pretty, sassy, fancy and all classy fashion from a brand built to inspire you to feel your best. 

             What is a MUSE? 

💛Definition- A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

💛Everyone you meet is either creating, a creative artist or aspiring to do something creative, rather they realize it one not. The world is full of artists of all kind looking for a source of inspiration consciously and unconsciously, that’s where I come in.

💛We are the MUSE to fashion creatives and the fashionistas who crave bold, modern, vintage and unique styles.  I love the new up to date fashion, But I also have a deep love for vintage everything. Everyone who knows me knows this about me. Yellow  Muse is a mix of my Modern day style and casual glam with some sprinkles of vintage style glam.  This is my own personal collection of things I love and I am exclusively presenting it to you. I (Jessica) the Creator and Owner of Yellow Muse welcome you the club. 

💛We are serving a variety of clothing, Jewelry, Shoes and Purses, to fit almost any occasion from work, dates, vacation, night out and casual wear. We have everything you need. 

💛Come Join the Club..... Yellow Muse Club and be the source of fashion Inspiration. Your Confidence + Our Brand = Style Inspiration 🔥. Are you ready?

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